Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deceived Part 2 - Meet Jesse

Say hello to Jesse, the extremely handsome young pro motocross driver, that Chloe meets on the plane to Paris.

I had to pinch myself as I turned to search for my seat number. Finally, I spotted my seat completely in the back, the last row of First Class and someone was already sitting in the seat next to mine, hunched over, arranging a bag or something. I groaned to myself, hoping it would not be an oversized old guy with bad teeth and greasy hair, who would want to talk my ear off the entire flight. As I approached my row, the huddled figure in the seat looked up and my eyes were met by a pair of dark deep set eyes, framing a very handsome square face. He pushed back a few strands of long dark hair, that fell out of place as he got up, and my eyes froze on his powerful chest and shoulders.
Jackpot! Well, hello there
Excerpt from "Deceived Part 2 - Paris" - release date January 15th 2013

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