Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eve Carter Top 100 on Amazon

So excited to see this morning that I am now a Top 100 Erotica writer on Amazon. Yay!!
Deceived Part 2 is now out and getting great reviews. KB gives 5 stars out of 5 and writes on Amazon: 
"Loved that Ryan became a true friend for Chloe right away. Paris with Ryan!?--Sure why not! Flight to Paris--HELLO!!!? :) I was waiting to hear more about Jesse! But then Francisco...Hot and an artist!? Okay! I did feel a little betrayal enjoying Chloe's time with Francisco because I was wishing for Patrick to reappear and be with Chloe! Eve Carter did a great job with the events that brought me to the end of Deceived Part 2 and wanting MORE!!!!!! Looking forward to Part 3!!!"

Get Deceived Part 1 here:

Get Deceived Part 2 here:

Eve xoxo

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