Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet Francisco - Deceived Part 2

This is Francisco, another hunky guy that Eve meets in Deceived Part 2.

I had finished most of the delicious veal chop on my plate, when mother nature called and I excused myself to go powder my nose. I headed to the bar area in search of the ladies room.
Belly up to the bar, was a good looking hunk of a guy, loudly conversing with a friend, while gesticulating with his hands about, who knows what, probably the latest soccer goal of the day, when suddenly his enthusiasm got the better of him and he motioned with his glass still in his hand. At that very moment, I attempted to pass by his extended arm, wine and all, but with my hand to eye coordination being as poor as it is, I couldn’t duck away from his airborne glass in time and my white silk covered breasts crashed into his glass of red wine. Actually, it was more like his wine hit my blouse, but who’s keeping track anyway? All I could remember was watching a crimson stain grow to the size of a watermelon all over the front of me.
“Oh Shit! What the hell?” I shrieked as I instinctively jumped back, frantically pawing at the red stain, as if that would do any good. Godamnit. It was red chance of getting that out.
My high pitched squeal broke the concentration of his tall tale and he turned in my direction. “Pardon, I’m so sorry, Miss...did I get you wet?” he apologized as he stood up from his bar stool to face me. I was prepared to spew forth every expletive in the book but instead I gasped. I was rendered speechless by the most intoxicating set of sea-green eyes that had ever gazed at me. He had sandy blond shoulder length hair that fell down around a slender face, and a sharp jaw line with a masculine dimple in his chin. From the looks of him, and his accent, I could surmise that he was probably Spanish or maybe Northern Italian.   
Excerpt from Deceived Part 2 Release date January 15th

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